Provides refrigerated cool air directly to your head and shoulders, which is all you need to feel cool.  Close Comfort cools people, not rooms.  It uses only 300W, equivalent to 3-4 conventional light bulbs!  Close Comfort is the future of air conditioning in a carbon-constrained world with rising expectations for personal comfort and the need for sustainability.   


  • Close Comfort Personal Aircon PC9+ Cool Focus (Latest in 2021)
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Also available in LAZADA & SHOPEE

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EASILY PORTABLE AT 17kg, with four wheels

no pipes out the window, no consumables required

uses only 300watts, the optimal air-conditioning choice for humid conditions

How It Works?

Unlike normal room air conditioners, Close Comfort provides localized cooling.  Close Comfort just cools the part of the room where you are sitting or sleeping.

It works in all rooms, even outside in sheltered areas.

It creates a comfortable micro-climate around you.

Save 75% on air conditioning electricity consumption.

Set up Close Comfort to direct a gentle flow of air past the face and upper body.  The cooling can be shared for a small group of people seated together.

For sleeping, set up Close Comfort to direct the cool air over the bed.  The cooling can be shared in a double bed.  An optional specially designed bed tent amplifies cooling and protects against mosquitoes.  Use a tent if the room temperature exceeds 27 degree celsius regularly.


Let us keep you cool during the hot days!


Gentle focused flow of cool fresh air for you and your family with open windows and doors, using minimal energy.

Close Comfort at Night

Ideal for sleeping through the hottest weather, with the apparent temperature up to 12 degrees celsius cooler in its spacious interior and it reduces energy consumption.

Health and Well-being

Close Comfort is a healthier option: people can now live in a ventilated fresh air environment and regain their natural acclimatization. 


Use Close Comfort Personal Aircon in:

  • Home Offices
  • Warehouses, Retail Spaces
  • Balconies
  • Living Rooms
  • Hostel / Rental Rooms
  • Sheltered Outdoors such as BBQ Pavilions, Camping, Event Spaces



Personal Aircon

Cool Focus

Igloo Tent

Tent Setup

Introductory Manual





A Revolution In Air Conditioning

Introducing Close Comfort

Animated Explainer

Setting Up The Tent

Setting Up The Bedding

Packing Up The Tent


If there is no pipe, where does the hot air goes?

The exhaust air is warm, not hot as it uses only 300W maximum. Typically it is about 40°C – 42°C when used in Singapore with ambient temperature of 30°C. The warm air rises to the ceiling and dissipates, absorbed by the room air volume. When using in small rooms, the placement of the AC is important. It is advisable to place with the exhaust air facing an open window or door. For bigger spaces such as living room or balcony, placing it anywhere will work well, as long as the cool air is directed at the user.

Why is there a water splashing noise?

There is a water wheel that splashes the condensate onto the warm condenser coils, the condensate will therefore evaporate off with the warm exhaust air. 2 effects here, no water drainage is required and the condensate that gets splashed onto the coils help improve the cooling efficiency. If you do not like the water splashing sound, you can remove a rubber plug just above the water tank drawer at the back of the unit. The condensate will drain into the tank and you will need to pour away the water when it is full. When the tank is full, the AC unit will stop automatically.

The AC loses its cooling effect intermittently

Drafts and nearby fans can disrupt the cool air flow from your AC, reducing the cooling effect for users. Turn off fans and use the AC in a draft free location.

Can Close Comfort cool a room?

Close Comfort is designed to cool a person directly and not a room. Imagine a fan blowing directly at you, but with refrigerated air. Close Comfort uses only 300W, instead of 1000 – 2000W by normal air-conditioners where much of these energy is wasted on cooling the walls, floors and furniture.

How much area does it cool?

Close Comfort works in any size of room, even outside in sheltered places. It creates a cool microclimate around you, a gentle stream of cool air surrounds your face and upper body, which is all you need for your body to feel cool.

You need to sit within 1.5 metres of Close Comfort to feel cool. With the Cool Focus accessory, you can feel the cool air up to 3 metres away in a draft free location.

Can I use it for sleeping?

The effectiveness will depend on the size and layout of your room. If your room is big or the layout allows for the Close Comfort to be placed with the exhaust air facing an open window or door, it should work well. Use Mid or Low speed when using it for sleeping. Contact us with photos of your room, we can help to assess.

For 2 persons and double beds, we recommend using the Igloo Tent which can trap the cool air and ensure comfortable sleep while using less than 200W per night, equivalent to less than SGD0.50.

What is the noise level?

On High speed, the AC noise is about 54dB at a distance of 1 metre, equivalent to a standing fan on High. Use Mid or Low and you will find it much quieter and the cool air colder as well.

Can I use the aircon in horizontal position?

No! As with any appliances that use compressor and refrigerant system, the unit has to be kept upright during operation. If unit is stored on its sides, it needs to stand upright for at least 12 hours before turning it on. Irreparable damage may occur if otherwise, which is not covered under our standard warranty.

Can I set the temperature of the cold air?

Based on Close Comfort’s design capacity, the temperature of the cold air is designed to be about 8°C to 10°C lower than ambient temperature. Example, if the room temperature is 30°C, the air produced is about 20°C to 22°C.

The temperature setting on the remote works only when used together with the Igloo tent. With the tent, you can set your preference temperature, example 24°C. When the temperature inside the tent reaches 24°C, the compressor will cut off momentarily until the temperature rises to higher than your set temperature of 24°C

Can I use Close Comfort to cool a group of people?

Close Comfort works best for one person with the cool air blowing directly. However with careful positioning, it can cool 2 – 3 people sitting close.

Why does the room feels hot after using the Close Comfort?

One reason could be that the room is small and the exhaust air accumulates or circulates back to the user. Another reason could be the user is acclimatised to the cold air, and when the user moves out of the cold air stream, he or she will feel that it is relatively warmer, even though there is no rise in the room temperature.

Do I need to top up the refrigerant?

The refrigerant system is fully hermetically sealed, similar to your fridge system. Therefore it will last as long as a typical fridge and do not require top up like a conventional AC.

Are there health benefits to using Close Comfort and also Igloo Tent?

Using the Close Comfort requires windows to be opened hence you sleep in fresh air. With a family sleeping in a room with split AC, the air is recirculated and gets stale over time. The Igloo Tent is made of breathable material which allows the exchange of fresh and stale air, and it also keeps out the mosquitoes, protecting you from bites and dengue.

How does using Close Comfort helps the environment?

Close Comfort uses much less energy, especially during alone time, you do not need the whole room AC to be on. Help to break the “Aircon Vicious Cycle” effect where the weather becomes hotter due to global warming, when it gets hotter, human uses more conventional AC and generates even more carbon, which accelerates the global warming even more. Convert to Close Comfort personalised cooling and reduce your carbon usage.